Abraham "Bram" Stoker (November 8, 1847 – April 20, 1912) was an Irish novelist and short story writer, best known today for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula. During his lifetime, he was better known as personal assistant of actor Henry Irving and business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, which Irving owned.

The Vampyr: A Soap Opera

The Vampyr: A Soap Opera is a miniseries based on Heinrich Marschner's opera Der Vampyr. It first aired on BBC 2 on December 2, 1992. The new English libretto was written by Charles Hart, based on a story by Janet Street-Porter and Nigel Finch, which was based on the original libretto by Wilhelm August Wohlbrück, which was based on John Polidori's short story "The Vampyre." It was directed by Nigel Finch.

The story begins in the eighteenth century when Ripley, a vampire, is frozen in a block of ice. After he is accidentally revived in the modern day, he becomes a successful but corrupt businessman. But his long life and great success come with a price: he must kill three women within the next three days. One of the women he targets is Miranda, the secret lover of his protegee, Alex. Miranda's father has given her to Ripley in marriage in order to settle some business debts, and Alex, having discovered the vampire's nature, must fight to save her.

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