Abraham "Bram" Stoker (November 8, 1847 – April 20, 1912) was an Irish novelist and short story writer, best known today for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula. During his lifetime, he was better known as personal assistant of actor Henry Irving and business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, which Irving owned.

Michael Cadnum: The Judas Glass

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Richard Stirling is a youngish lawyer with a comfortable life and a disintegrating marriage when he cuts his hand on a mysterious antique mirror. The injury gives him an abnormal sensitivity to his surroundings, the first symptom of a nascent vampirism that consumes him after his accidental death. Liberated from the tunnel vision of his mortality, Richard finds himself intoxicated with a new appreciation of the living world. He resurrects his murdered mistress, Rebecca, to share the wonders of his strange existence. But their superhuman awareness only drives home how unnatural their unlife is, and Richard determines to reacquire the mirror and regain his humanity.

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