Abraham "Bram" Stoker (November 8, 1847 – April 20, 1912) was an Irish novelist and short story writer, best known today for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula. During his lifetime, he was better known as personal assistant of actor Henry Irving and business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, which Irving owned.

Alan Loren: Transfusion Of Love

Blood oozes down from my lips
Adding a touch of crimson to my pale countenance
I feed on your essence
I sate myself with your love.
Indeed, I am a glutton for love
For what could be more endearing
More true
Than a transference from one to another
Of life’s very foundation
The fluid of being
As I suckle your neck so dear
Drawing the milk of your sustenance
I infuse your life into my own
We bond together in eternal devotion
Never to part
To love always

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